Obsidian Waves
Formation 6 players
Detailed instrumentation fl. cl. perc. pf. vn. vc.

[ detail of percussion ]
3 Cymbals (small, large, sizzle), 1 Shaker, 1 Tam-tam (large), 1 Tom (large) 1 Vibraphone, 1 Woodblock
accessory : 1 Bow, 2 Jazz brush, Ordinary mallets, 1 Piano wire rod, 1 Triangle’s beater, 1 Superball, 2 Wooden sticks (or grip of ordinary mallet as substitution)
Duration 16'
First performance 27 (Mon) Jan 2020 the Cité International des Arts (Paris) "Ensemble Écoute, Résience avec Naoki Sakata"
performance : Ensemble Écoute
Commission Ensemble Écoute, Ensemble Kujoyama
Dedication Ensemble Écoute, Ensemble Kujoyama
live recording, 27 (Mon) Jan 2020 "Ensemble Écoute Concert [Residence avec Naoki Sakata]"
performance : Ensemble Écoute ©Naoki Sakata
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