Japan premiere of « Obsidian Waves » and world premiere of « Candela »

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11 (Fri) Mar 2022
Ensemble Kujoyama will hold "Ensemble Kujoyama Concert Vol.10 -Signe-" at ALTI in Kyoto. This ensemble will play « Obsidian Waves » as world premiere premiere and « Obsidian Waves » as Japan premiere.

Performed works

« Obsidian waves »


« Candela »

Ensemble Kujoyama Concert Vol.10 -Signe-
Date 11 (Fri) Mar 2022


Start 19:00
Performers Ensemble Kujoyama
Program Izumi Maekawa (1996-) : Self-Portrait as Rembrandt Laughing (2019) for bass flute, bass clarinet, cello

Shohei Amimori (1990-) : Practice of chimeric movement on static syntax (2015) for vocal, piano

Noriko Baba(1972-) :Non Canonic Variations(2011) for flute,clarinet,violin,cello

Akira Nishimura (1953-) : HIMITSU (Frozen Honey) (2019) for flute solo

Naoki Sakata (1981-) : candela (2019) for clarinet solo

Naoki Sakata(1981-):Obsidian Waves(2019) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion
Contact Tel:090-1710-6597
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